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Our Program

Our Mission


WTP is a very competitive high school student-athlete athletics program based in the Greater Toronto Area with a focus on student-athlete development and success in the classroom, in the community, and on the field/court.  

WTP ensures that every student-athlete is well equipped to handle the challenges they will face on the next part of their student-athlete journey.

WTP builds the character, academic abilities, athletic abilities, knowledge, and skill set of each WTP student-athlete in order to better the team and prepare each student-athlete for the rigors they will face at the next level as a student-athlete.

Our Programs


WTP has an elite athletic program for student-athletes in the Greater Toronto Area focused on being their best in the classroom and in their sport.  The program has teams dedicated to success and are led by standouts who have played on the post-secondary and/or pro levels.  WTP's coaches and staff will prepare each student-athlete for post-secondary success.  Each WTP student-athlete will receive the best in education, training, motivation, support, and most importantly mentorship with the goal of pushing them towards their ultimate goal of greater academic achievement through their dedication, effort, and passion about their sport. 

WTP's programs are led by the most dedicated individuals and are designed for the most dedicated student-athletes who aspire to play their sport at the post-secondary level.  The coaching staffs are led by accomplished former athletes and current coaches. The staff will be personally involved in each of the WTP student-athlete’s academic and athletic success.  We guarantee that each student-athlete who moves on from WTP will receive superior academic assistance, training, motivation, support, and, most importantly, mentorship.

WTP is equally dedicated to academic success as it is to athletic success. 

Upcoming Events

2019 West Toronto Prep Football Schedule


  • Jan 7th, 2020 - May 3rd, 2020: 

2020 Off-Season Workout

  • May TBA, 2020: 

20 Spring Camp


Elite Athletic Experience




Head Coach/ Offensive Coordinator: O'Neil Wilson 

Assistant Head Coach/ Defensive Coordinator: Dwayne Mundle

Assistant Coaches:

Quarterbacks-  Paul Bowman

Running Backs- Jerome Messam

Offensive Line- Elijah Bowman

Defensive Line-  Clinton Wayne/ Anthony Cannon

Linebackers - Karim Grant

Defensive Backs- Isaiah Brown

Roster: Click Here

Schedule: Click Here 

Academic Support


Tutoring, academic planning, ACT/SAT test prep, career/ life skills workshops, mandatory study hall, NCAA informed guidance counselor

WTP's Academic Support program will provide each student-athlete the tools, resources and support needed to maximize their classroom results under the watchful eye of a Certified teacher.  

WTP will also provide student-athletes with SAT/ACT test prep, one-on-one/ group core subject tutoring when needed, career/ life skills workshops, volunteer and other opportunities to help each become a positive contribution to their school community, local communities and society in general.

Off-Season Skill Development


Strength & Conditioning training, Speed & Agility training, Position Skill training,  Film study, Digital/ virtual training, NFL-style combine prep

WTP's Off-season Skill Development program is designed and conducted similar to off-season programs ran by the top university, and professional teams.  Our program focuses on; position skill training, speed & agility, strength & conditioning, film study & analysis, NFL-style combine prep, and last, but not least, competition.  That way each student-athlete has all the tools needed to be their best every time they hit the field.

WTP will train, motivate, and support you as a student-athlete along your journey, and all you have to do is show how much you want it with your effort!

Experienced Coaches


WTP is proud to maintain a strong coaching staff with a wealth of knowledge and experience in their particular sport.  

WTP's coaches have played and/or coached their respective games at a very high level, and are dedicated to continue their growth as coaches.  

WTP's coaches are known to be successful not only as players, but as local coaches they have also accomplished a lot.  Our coaches are well regarded by peers, players, and parents.

Community Engagement


Volunteering, community service, peer mentorship, work shadowing, running WTP community based events

WTP's Community Engagement Initiative is designed to get our student-athletes involved in the community in a positive way, but also to provide them with "real world" opportunities they can use to further their chances of success once they leave the program.  

WTP student-athletes will volunteer within the school at every opportunity, they will also spend time volunteering in the greater school community.  

WTP student-athletes will have opportunities that not only provide "real world" experiences, but genuine leadership building experiences within a field of their choosing.

Recruiting Assistance


Recruitment planning, initial contact, exposure events, progress reports, highlight film creation, skill assessments, clearinghouse eligibility, campus visits  

WTP's Recruiting Assistance program aims to give each student-athlete a jump start in the recruiting process through utilizing our knowledge of the process and contacts at many of the top institutions throughout North America.  

WTP takes pride in the recruitment component of our program because our ultimate goal is to see each of our student-athletes have success at the post-secondary level.  

As a staff we have achieved success with our model by assisting over 20 athletes to various post-secondary institutions across North America, including Division 1 US Colleges. 

Business & Sports Focused Academic Experience







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WEST TORONTO PREP's program will embody the WTP Code of Conduct both off and on the field.  WTP's student-athletes represent their family, their team, the program, and their school and local communities at all times.

[P]: (647) 362-9773


* We are a private program and not a part of the Toronto District School Board or their schools

WEST TORONTO PREP welcomes all sponsors & donations!

WTP believes in having a program that does it's part to "level the playing field" for the less privileged student-athletes in our communities.  

Thus, any sponsorship, or donation will be used to aid the deserving student-athletes who wish to join, or are in the program.


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